Beyond the music is a label that produce artists & music for the present and the future. Our artist has surpass the music were the words itself is power to uplift positive ambition.
An ambition to do but in a constructive way that all can learn and benefit from the arts of hip hop. This entertainment consisted on various styles, character, struggles,and progress that you have seen uniquely in special people that consider way before their time.
In addition B.T.M. is an organization of great lyricist & musical geniuses that has been assemble to take music to the next level.
We believe music has done a lot for humanity as providing a voice for unexplained experiences that people goes through everyday across the global. Showing that music is a tool for a freedom to express & finding empathy from others that you are not alone. This company is not just a business but a movement toward change & evolution in this entertainment industry. Therefore we consist on providing you with originality, substance, flavor, and must important our different prospective on life.
In addition we all have point of views on what life is suppose to be like for ourselves, but this organization is to unify those ideas to offer a world that is pious to all.